Our idea is to create horror games that mix other genres in new exciting ways. Tower of Mice shares DNA with a rogue-lite and horror FPS. We believe that bridge genres give rise to innovative and fun games. Follow us and see what we plan here next.

Members of the Tower of Mice Team


Tapani Kronkvist, Producer

Frida Flodin, Lead Grafics Designer

Erik Berglöf, Grafics and animation

Laura Sanderson, Design and Scripting

Erik Neuhofer, Programming

External help in developing our software:

Focus tester: Bri Hansson, Daniel Augustzén, Camilla Kronkvist och Victoria Nilsson Engvall.

Voice Actor: Victoria Nilsson Engvall

A huge thank you to Dan Grossman, CEO of RP Södertälje, because you lent local and let us use your products as a reference material for our development.

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