Tower of Mice©

This is a Roguelite with randomized content. Choose battles and hide from enemies. Acquire and upgrade magical abilities. Explore a demonic realm that consists of puzzles and randomized platform levels. Reach the mythical tower in the forest and see if the legend of an incredible treasure is true!


Steam Early access release 16 oktober

Take the role as Ria in this Roguelite inspired adventure. Play randomized levels in both night and day-time in the mysterious forest Abberon. Reach the mythical tower that’s said to hold grand treasures. Strategically choose your battles with monsters in closed arenas. Face them in their own world through randomized platform levels. Gain experience that permanently rewards magic points and spend them on new abilities found in-game. Collect tokens and spend them on useful items to facilitate your adventure. Play through the story divided into chapters and undercover the truth about the forest Abberon och the tower.


Available on Steam 1 October

Final build 13-15 October

Beta testing 5-12 October

Early Access Release 16 October

Early Access

Tower of mice draws inspiration from Roguelite games, meaning some of your progress is preserved from one run to the next and in this game player saves story progress, currency and level. We strongly believe these types of games becomes better if they are community driven. You’re feedback is invaluable! We’d like you to be an important part of the development of this game. By investing early your feedback will impact the remainder of the game loop needed and helping us making it the best it can be.
Interact with you is a highlight in game development!

Current state
The game has:
Five story chapters
Randomized level generation
Randomized platform levels
Randomized loot
Skill system
A item shop that use only currency found in-game
Day and night levels
Handcrafted puzzle levels
Randomized enemy encounters
Seven enemy types
Player stealth
Win-streak system
Three save files

Our goal is to have the final version done early 2021
The game is now about 70-80% complete.
All features in the final chapter and end game progression is still in development. We plan to add more content to all areas of the game and especially focus on adding variety such as skills, enemies and level difficulty scaling. We need your feedback to make this game a cohesive and fun experience.
Steam features like achievements and controller support will be available at release.

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